Next cook school class on 17 August. Are you coming....

With the theme of ‘One Pot Wonders’ upper most in my mind this week, I decided to dive into my freezer on Monday, to see what needed using. I found a 3-kilo container of plump blackcurrants, tucked away safely from last summer. So with the rain bucketing down outside, I grabbed my trusty jamming pan, and got to work.

While jamming may not strictly fall into the standard, ’one pot wonder’ category, you do only use one pot in the process. And, if you have a reliable jamming thermometer, the process can be way less arduous than one thinks.

An hour later, I had produced 12 cheeky pots of dark, rich and tangy blackcurrant conserve, which put a smile on my face, as well as freeing up a drawer in my chokka block freezer. Now that’s got to be a win win.

Winter is a great time to get to work in the jamming department. There’s more time generally, and there’s nothing like standing over a bubbling cauldron of jamming fruit to keep you warm.

And what, I hear you asking, is the difference between jamming and conserve? Well, conserve is usually whole fruit cooked in water with sugar thick and chunky with a gelled background. With jam, the fruit is often cooked further so it becomes softer, with the fruit more spreadable. In some cases, the form of the fruit may cook smooth altogether.

And for the perfect set? You want to reach a temp of 110C or 225F. Works a treat every time!

Still a few spots available in our August 17th, ‘Wow Factor One Pot Wonders’ cooking class, where we’ll be creating a bunch of super satisfying, easy to cook, One Pot dishes to wow your family and friends so please be in touch if you’d like to join us for a fun afternoon in the kitchen. Click here to register.

Can’t make the August class? Then come along on September 21st, for our ‘French Without Tears’ class, where we’ll be indulging in some delectable French classics, you can put together with style and ease, in your very own kitchen …